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First of all, Cabin Pressure is Brilliant! Sherlock, Doctor Who, the Newsroom, Game of Thrones, Elementary, Person of Interest, Black Mirror, to name a few......and I'm Cumberbatched ever since Sherlock :D

(p.s. sorry if my English isn't perfect, I'm not a native speaker of English ^^)
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So, erm, this happened…

John Finnemore wrote a card of thanks for the Lemons and Landmarks project and made this video to thank everyone involved.

You should all be very proud of yourselves- thank you for helping and you can still donate if you so desire to have a pdf of the book.

(And here’s a link to a video of the presentation- if you type in ‘Lemons and Landmarks’ on youtube you’ll find two more as well).

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John Finnemore receiving Lemons & Landmarks from thepudupudu at Cabin Pressure Series 4 Recording, 16 December 2012. [WATCH @SHERLOCKBELGIUM]

OMG, there are gifs! Brilliant :-D

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Here’s the first video from yesterdays Lemons and Landmarks book presentation, filmed on my camera by the very lovely (and very shaky) Mxdp. Others (probably of higher quality and certainly from different angles) will be uploaded later by the kind people who filmed it. This is for everyone who took part in ways big or small, Mr Finnemore really appreciated your efforts.

When I’ve disappeared, David Tyler goes on to thank the crew and guest cast- he doesn’t say who they play, so there are no spoilers in that regard, but if you don’t want the names stop there.

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Presenting the Travelling Lemon (plus t-shirt lol) 





Look at John in the second pic!


Today was a very, very happy day full of good things and good memories and I am so deeply grateful that apparently my girlfriend has SUPER GOOD KARMA to win us tickets for today’s Cabin Pressure recording. Because it is a sort of a once in a lifetime thing - I can hope that it happens again, but really, the odds are against it. So I will treasure today’s happiness for a long, long time to come - and I cannot wait for January, because Cabin Pressure is quite honestly getting better every single season. Yep. I loved Season 3, but I think Season 4 might blow it out of the water. It really is that good - I’ve heard at least some version of half the episodes now, and I could not be more excited! 

And when I am excited I babble on endlessly - here is endless babbles about today’s Cabin Pressure recording, with absolutely no spoilers whatsoever (except that there’s a place called Fitton which Benedict Cumberbatch sometimes calls Fritton).

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My second submission to the Lemon and Landmarks project. (Here is my London submission)

This time… The Lemon visits Swanage!

  1. The Lemon watches the Red Arrow display.
  2. The Lemon sneakily sits on a Dalek (don’t worry, the Lemon’s life was not at risk).
  3. The Lemon watches a parade of Spidermen… I am not sure this really counts as any sort of landmark… But it was too odd for me to pass up the oppertunity.

From Eloise.

Exterminate!Exterminate!Lemon Juice!! :D

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My trip to New Zealand ,the amazing “Middle Earth”…Magnificent nature view\Astonishing geography and creature\Kind people\Tasty food…

This is truly brilliant skip! :D

eventful night it has been…

Causeway Bay at night…crowded.